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FLX Bike provides environmentally friendly solutions to daily urban commuters, providing comfort, long range and functionality in style.

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The problem

Optimizing FLX Bike

San Diego based electric bike company FLX Bike partnered with Saikai to help with social media growth and advertising. The challenge was to develop several marketing campaigns across Facebook and Instagram that would increase the return on investment and brand awareness across several states. The development of such strategy is quite complex due to the challenge of collecting data and optimizing audiences which requires an extensive amount of time.


  • ROI Optimization
  • Content Management
  • Content Planning
  • Data Analysis

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The solution

For a period of 2 years, we managed to develop several Facebook & Instagram campaigns for FLX. It consisted of traffic, conversion and a final round of retargeting. During the audience creation, we mostly relied on Lookalike audiences from the already existing customer base and emails collected during their Indiegogo crowfunding campaign.

In order to avoid over-contribution across multiple channels, certain audiences were excluded to ensure that the ad delivery was shown only to new potential clients.

The result

The mix of good product, content and delivery has always proven us to be successful and allowed us to scale and achieve excellent results for FLX Bike.

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