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*ship festival 2020

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The problem

Website Traffic for *ship festival 2020

The annual Finnish based start-up festival *ship has partnered with Saikai in order to help them increase their website traffic via Facebook Advertising and reading data analytics to optimize targeting for future campaigns.

They wanted us to create a 3-week test run on the Ad campaigns


  • Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook Ads Manager
  • Targeting optimization

The solution

For this year's *ship festival we had to set up tracking pixels and set the base infrastructure for them to start collecting and analyzing their data. The challenge was that they haven't tracked their traffic for the past 4 years, and that makes targeting slightly more complicated.

After setting up all the tracking needed for running Facebook campaigns, we created several audiences targeting startup accelerators in Finland + lookalikes from all of the emails they had managed to gather.

For creatives, we created several videos and static images for A/B testing.

The result

The stats shown below are after a 3-week test run on Facebook/Instagram.

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